Saturday, 02 Jul 2016
The global hardware, software services company, Acer, has announced its investment and growth for the Botswana Market.
Saturday, 02 Jul 2016
The credibility of last year's Primary School Leaving Examination has been thrown into doubt, after the country's examination body, BEC, allegedly mixed up candidates' results when it issued certif
Saturday, 02 Jul 2016
Francistown based high court Judge, Justice Barnabas Nyamadzabo, has expressed concern about their work load in the second city.

Gaborone mayor calls for increase in civil service salaries

Tuesday, 24 September, 2013 - 08:00

Gaborone Mayor Haskins Nkaigwa, has called the government to review civil servants' minimum wage, as it is no longer sustainable.

When speaking at the Gaborone full council this morning, Nkaigwa said Botswana has the most unhappiest civil servants and this has led to compromised service delivery in all government Departments.

Nkaigwa said it has been almost 5 years since civil servants received a meaningful salary increase and this has affected the their livelihoods and families.

He says because of this, Batswana have now resorted to debts, therefore the Government and Workers Unions should resume salary increment negotiations for the benefit the country.

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