Thursday, 01 Dec 2016
Story By: Calistus Bosaletswe Pictures By: Calistus Bosaletswe  
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
Opposition members of parliament say the speaker of parliament is biased, following her decision to exclude Leader of Opposition Duma Boko’s motion yesterday in parliament.
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
The recent heavy down pours has damaged about 19 houses in Nkage and Senete villages.

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Gabz-FM Business Hour
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Gabz FM Business Hour is a show that ignites and maintains business interest within different groups in society; but it is more than anything else a conscious effort that draws the business community into discussions that will consequently inspire and feed the growth and contribution of the business sector to the Economy. It is also meant to broaden economic outlook that will allow the different groups to understand and as a result respond better to cyclical economic conditions. Show Produced by: Janet Zheke
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