Thursday, 01 Dec 2016
Story By: Calistus Bosaletswe Pictures By: Calistus Bosaletswe  
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
Opposition members of parliament say the speaker of parliament is biased, following her decision to exclude Leader of Opposition Duma Boko’s motion yesterday in parliament.
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
The recent heavy down pours has damaged about 19 houses in Nkage and Senete villages.

Govt withdraws permit to import Cannibas sativa from Moalosi

Thursday, 12 January, 2017 - 16:30

Botswana Congress Party activist, Motlhaleemang Moalosi who is a businessman is surprised that his permit to import the industrial hemp seeds has been withdrawn after Minister of Trade and Industry Minister was cajoled on social for opposing hemp growing.

Ministry of Agriculture granted Moalosi a permit to import the industrial hemp known as Cannibas sativa which is cultivated for producing industrial fiber,seed oil,food and other products.

Moalosi stated that the Department of Crop Production had already informed him that they have since cancelled the permit granting him to import the seedlings.

Moalosi stated that those who have been opposing the idea of importing industrial hemp are not truly representative of people as they deny people an opportunity to earn a living from growing the plant.

He said that he have requested a letter explaining the reason behind the withdrawal permit to import hemp seeds.

Meanwhile Trade and Industry Assistant Minister , Biggie Butale has opposed the importation of seeds that could benefit famers citing that it will be against his religion to encourage people to grow industrial hemp.

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