Thursday, 01 Dec 2016
Story By: Calistus Bosaletswe Pictures By: Calistus Bosaletswe  
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
Opposition members of parliament say the speaker of parliament is biased, following her decision to exclude Leader of Opposition Duma Boko’s motion yesterday in parliament.
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
The recent heavy down pours has damaged about 19 houses in Nkage and Senete villages.

Mimi Gowoka


As a man (or woman) thinketh, so is he (she) Proverbs 23:7. So I thinketh myself to be as ambitious as Oprah was when she was considered too fat and ugly for TV; as driven as Hillary Clinton, who I bet didn't leave Bill during the Lewinsky days because she knew she would be president one day, and well, voters love wives who stick by their men; As supportive as Michelle when she met skinny Barack and encouraged him to follow his dreams; as audacious as Emma Warreus for deciding that it's only over when I WIN!

Reading, Speaking and drinking wine
Star Sign
Anything with prawns in it is going in my mouth!
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Gymnastics - It's what I look forward to when it's Olympic season, Wine Tasting
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VW Touareg
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Anything with prawns in it is going in my mouth!
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