Thursday, 01 Dec 2016
Story By: Calistus Bosaletswe Pictures By: Calistus Bosaletswe  
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
Opposition members of parliament say the speaker of parliament is biased, following her decision to exclude Leader of Opposition Duma Boko’s motion yesterday in parliament.
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017
The recent heavy down pours has damaged about 19 houses in Nkage and Senete villages.

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Friday, 21 Aug 2015
Government investment arm, Botswana Development Corporation, says it's courting an international hotel, to build a five-star hotel at its new headquarters at Fairscape Precinct in Gaborone. The 15-storey skyscraper is located at Showground office park, comprising of rental office space, retail, restaurant and penthouses. During a media tour of the building, BDC chief Bashi Gaetsalwe said his organisation found it important to initiate Fairscape Precinct, to revitalise fairgrounds by offering commercial and retail tenants with a world class mixed use property.
Friday, 21 Aug 2015
Some members of the public in Lobatse are pleased with the new changes in the issuance of driving licenses for public transport. In the new PRDP system, applicants have to provide medical tests and a police report, whereas in the old system they were also required to do theory and practical tests. The Lobatse transport office has since been inundated with hundreds of people applying for the licenses, even though the fee has gone up by 10 Pula, from 130 Pula to 140 Pula. Some people were already queuing at the office as early as 5 am.
Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015
Botswana Power Corporation, says last night's unplanned power cuts in Gaborone and surrounding areas, were a result of a major equipment failure at the Mogoditshane Substation. The failure, resulted in an explosion at one of the utility's main units in block 9. BPC spokesperson Spencer Moreri, told Gabz fm news, that the power failure has also affected Water Utilities' pumping points, that feed Gabane and Mogoditshane areas, which have been experiencing water shortages in recent weeks
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015
Water Utilities has denied allegations suggesting that its involved in the supply of untreated water for domestic use in areas such as Mmopane and Tsolamosese. Residents have been forced to buy water from individuals who own water bowsers in the area, due to severe shortages. Apparently those who sell the water claim they bought it from Water Utilities boreholes. Water Utilities spokesperson, Matida Mmipi, has not disputed that some of the individuals bought the water from their boreholes. She says the water is not meant for consumption as its not treated.
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015
President Khama has claimed ignorance about a delegation from MDC-T in Zimbabwe, which was reportedly here in Gaborone to lobby him. The group apparently was sent by former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, to capitalise on his friendship with Khama to discuss Zimbabwe. It is claimed that Mugabe has managed to muzzle any discussion on Zimbabwe since August last year. But Khama told journalists that he is not aware of the delegation...
Monday, 17 Aug 2015
Still in Francistown, Water Utilities says it has restored water supplies in most locations in Francistown, that were recently hit by severe water shortages. The most affected locations were Monarch, Ntshe and Satellite. Water Utilities’ spokesperson, Matida Mmipi told Gabz Fm news, that the water shortage was caused by pipe burst that was damaged by contractors of the iconic spaghetti intersection.
Saturday, 15 Aug 2015
A local chibuku business man has expressed unhappiness at the recent closure of a KBL plant in Lobatse. The business man claims the brewer never addressed their closure with its customers. He says for the past 3 weeks his stock has been arriving late as it is coming from Francistown due to the current water and electricity problem affecting the plant in Gaborone.He says he has lost business as his supply cannot meet customers demand.
Friday, 14 Aug 2015
An official of the Ministry of Agriculture in Tonota, Eunice Mooko, has called on residents of Serule to embrace conservation farming as it has proved to be more productive and far less expensive than the conventional farming currently practiced in the country. Addressing residents in a Kgotla meeting, Mooko explained that government has decided to introduce conservation farming as one of the poverty eradication initiatives.
Friday, 14 Aug 2015
Mobile operators in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe have agreed to reduce roaming tariffs as part of a pilot roaming project, which will commence among all operators in the four countries next month. The arrangements include amending their bi-lateral roaming agreements, in particular the inter-operator tariffs for all roaming services. Member states have also agreed that wholesale and retail tariffs will be reduced annually, in line with a glide path as approved by the SADC information and communication technology ministers.
Thursday, 13 Aug 2015
Veterinary officials have confirmed yet another outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Ngamiland. They traces of disease was found in Xhoxhao and Gubago crushes in Matsaudi village. This follows another FMD outbreak in the district which was found recently in the Haenaveld protected zone. North West Principal Veterinary Officer Dr Comfort Nkgowa told Gabz fm news that last year they failed to vaccinate cattle in Matsaudi due to heavy rainfalls, as a result this could have led to an outbreak.