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Article By: Tumelo Mouwane & Tebogo Mokoto

A new report by Statistics Botswana has revealed that over 275,160 Batswana aged 15 and above are currently unemployed, translating to a 25.9% unemployment rate.

The Quarterly Multi Topic Survey also identified a concerning 47,269 graduates, constituting 17.2% of the total unemployed population, who are unable to find work despite their qualifications.

The data also exposes a gender disparity in the workforce. Women are disproportionately affected, with 53% of females unemployed compared to 47% of males.

Responding to these figures, Finance Minister Peggy Serame outlined a multi-faceted strategy to tackle unemployment.

She says the government aims to increase opportunities for Batswana within the diamond industry, empower youth through financial support for their initiatives, and encourage participation in the agricultural sector to create new employment avenues.

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