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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Article By: Keba Rasekhutlha

Botswana Sectors of Teachers Union-BOSETU Secretary General Tobokani Rari has voiced concerns that the government's enforcement of teacher work, through a court order will result in reduced classroom productivity and morale. Rari added that this situation would negatively impact labor relations and teachers' emotional well-being due to dissatisfaction in their workplaces, ultimately leading to persistently poor academic outcomes.

Rari further said they have decided to abide by the law and follow the Ministry’s decision but they engaged their lawyers to find a way forward on the matter.

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development has officially informed BOSETU about its decision to initiate legal proceedings against teachers to compel them to complete coursework. This action follows BOSETU's communication to its members regarding the impending court case initiated by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development in order to address the issue of teachers not completing coursework.

The government contends that instructing teachers not to grade coursework is a violation of their contra-ctual obligations as employees.

BOSETU has consistently maintained the view that the involved parties, namely the Botswana Examination Council (BEC) and the Ministry of Education, have not shown a genuine willingness to engage in fair negotiations regarding compensation for grading coursework.

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