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Article By: Tebogo Mokoto

Botswana's National Arts Council (NACB) is facing a significant funding shortage, hindering its ability to support the country's creative sector. With a budget of only 4 million pula, the NACB has fallen drastically short of the over 187 million pula requested by applicants seeking project funding. Minister of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture, Tumiso Rakgare, revealed this information in Parliament, responding to a query from Gaborone Central MP Tumisang Healy.

Rakgare said an open call for grant applications last year attracted 960 applicants, highlighting the strong demand for support within the creative sector. However, due to limited resources, the NACB was only able to fund 58 projects, with 43 currently being implemented. Meanwhile, the council is working on a 4 nation festival, in collaboration with Zambia, Namibia and Lesotho to be held in Zambia.

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