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Article By: Rorisang Mogojwe Government has announced its decision to purchase 1,576 BCL properties for a total of P515 million. This decision was made in response to concerns raised by former BCL employees regarding the timeline for acquiring the properties during the liquidation process.

Speaking in parliament, Vice President and Leader of the House Slumber Tsogwane explained that the liquidator's initial offer to former BCL employees to acquire the properties had a deadline between August and November 2023. However, the government expressed interest in purchasing all unsold properties as of September 27, 2023.

He was responding to Gaborone Central MP Tumisang Healy who wanted to know government decision to purchase BCL houses.

Tsogwane noted that the liquidator had received only three acceptance letters from former BCL employees, and none of them had provided proof of funding.

He said given the tight timelines and the potential for former employees to miss out on the opportunity to acquire the properties, the government decided to step in.

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