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Article By: Diana Motsu The Ombudsman Steven Tiroyakgosi says his office is facing significant challenges, including manpower shortages and difficulties obtaining information from government entities.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming international Ombud Expo in Gaborone from July 29th to August 2nd, Tiroyakgosi highlighted that his office handles around 1,000 complaints annually with only 30 investigators.

He emphasized the need for freedom of information law to ensure timely access to essential data, noting that many investigations are delayed because government ministries fail to provide necessary information or attend scheduled meetings.

Tiroyakgosi also pointed out the challenge of getting government officials to enforce his recommendations.

He said Despite ongoing efforts to educate the public about the Ombudsman's mandate, misunderstandings persist, with some individuals reporting issues outside his jurisdiction, such as corruption, which falls under the DCEC.

Tiroyakgosi however, expressed confidence in the constitutional safeguards protecting his office.

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