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Article By: Keba Rasekhutla

President of Angola, who is also the chairman of SADC Joao Lurenco has increased efforts to resolve the ongoing dispute between President Masisi and his predecessor Ian Khama.

Minister of foreign Affairs Dr Lemogang Kwape told Gabzfm news that Lurenco will soon deploy a delegation to Botswana to gather finer details on the feud prior to his anticipated state visit.

Kwape said the delegation will focus on why previous efforts by SADC presidents and elders

failed to resolve the standoff.

Lurenco met Masisi in Angola last month following plea by Nigerian and South African president's for him to step into the conflict as the current SADC chairman.

Khama Foundation has recently accused president Masisi of distorting facts about his meeting with Lurenco which Khama had also been invited.

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