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Article By: Keba Rasekhutla

Officials say veld fires have ravaged over 100 farms in Serowe and surrounding areas.

Speaking to Gabz FM News, Serowe District Commissioner Angelina Leano, said farms in Mmashoro and Dimajwe were destroyed over the weekend, with the blaze still active in some areas and moving towards the north of the village near Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

Although there are no fatalities and damage to reported, authorities are concerned about the lingering danger.

Leano said roads have been closed, advising residents to use alternative ways.

She added that investigations to determine the cause of the fire are still ongoing.

Leano further stated that the multiple fire outbreaks are stretching the limited resources available in Serowe district noting that currently fire extinguishing exercise is ongoing.

The Department of Forestry and Range Resources (DFRR) recently revealed that Veld fires are gutting large tracts of land across the country including several tourism sites across Botswana.

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